Hand Care Tips

Working out in the CrossFit gym can be tough on your hands.  Many of the workouts you will do are high reps and heavy work.  Between the barbell, gymnastic rings and pull up bars – there are many chances to rip the calluses and skin off your hands.  Here are a few Hand Care Tips for CrossFit Athletes

Hand care 101:

Step one:

 Get a Foot razor and a pumice stone  (Amazon delivers and  is the cheapest we’ve found).

Step two:

 When in the shower, first shave the calluses on your hands gently.  Be careful not to over do it. Always better to shave too little than too much.

Step three:

  Use a pumice stone to smooth them out.

Step four:

Have nice and smooth hands with less rips and less interruptions in training.

No excuses, take care of your hands.

  If your hands are still excessively tender, consider buying gymnastics straps. We do not recommend the use of gloves as they can cause a loss of grip on the bar. 

Use chalk when necessary but make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before leaving the gym.  Over time, chalk will dry your skin and cause your hands to crack.