Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to this months Athletic Asylum member:

Name: Angel Revie

Angel C&J









I have not had the pleasure of working with Angel directly, but whenever I see her she has a smile on her face and is simply a joy to have in and around the gym.

Our coach, Aaron Adams, who has worked with Angel very closely speaks the following of her.

“Angel is one of the more gifted athletes I have had the opportunity to meet. She is driven, focused, intense, and adaptable, in fact the only thing she is missing, is more training time. She has qualified for the2014 American Open after training for less than a year. Angel has a power that is seen not only in the gym, but outside the gym as well.

She is constantly pushing the limits of what I think is possible for a person to do. Angel is a strong, gifted mother, and her loving style is a welcome sight in today’s world. I can’t say enough about how great Angel is as a person. There are already story’s for days about Angel and her intensity, and I can’t wait to see her inner competitor come out more and more.”